Monday, September 3, 2018

Harvesting or not!

The top foliage of the huge pot of potatoes has now died back so time to see what happened
Drum roll,  excitment
We removed the tops and dug around
we dug around a little bit more
and again
Not a sign of even a tiny potato
Very disappointing
Oh well 
We have lots of flowers on the courgettes
and one tiny one maturing
the cucumbers are still producing
the plum tomoatoes are good too
Can´t win them all!

take care


  1. oh dear.. not one.... I got enough for one dinner out of 3 metres of bed once.... and new potatoes are so so yummy...

  2. Really don´t know what went wrong, I chitted them and kept covering them as I have done before, but no special little newies for us this time! Our local supermarket, Mercadona have started selling new pots this year so will have to make do with them xcx

  3. Oh no, such a shame. Did you keep up with watering? Potatoes need lots of water and pots tend to dry out so much easier than the ground does so you have to be watering constantly. At least you've got other things to look forward to.

    1. Hi Jo hope you had a wonderful birthday. We did water alot but as you say poots dry out so quickly, oh well couple of courgettes on their way now xcx

  4. Ah well, you still have courgettes, cucumbers and plum tomatoes!

    All the best Jan