Monday, December 30, 2013


I do hope everyone had a lovely time over Christmas, thank you so much for your lovely comments, I confess I have not been on blogland and have only just seen them, so I apologise for not replying.

We did our best over Christmas, and we all tried very hard to push away the black cloud hanging over us. Just before Christmas Rebecca had the results of the PET scan and it was devastating news - we were told they had found a 'mass' in her groin of 3cm.  The floor opened up and we just sat there dumbstruck, talk about daja vu, almost to the day two years ago.

Stunned as we were, we took in the information given but being 'most unusual' and 'we are surprised too' didn't really help.  Rebecca has to go for a biopsy on the 2nd Jan, we then have to wait at least a week before we get those results.  The waiting is the worst, you can deal with the process as your mind has something positive to grasp, but the waiting allows unwanted thoughts and what ifs to penetrate.  Rebecca has been so brave, pushing everything away on the surface but like ducks, paddling like fury under the water. Poor love has even opted out from various invitations as she didn't want to put on a face, quite unerstandable

So I think we shall postpone new year for a bit and approach each day as it comes, putting into place lots of positivity, inner healing, good  thoughts and vibes and giving all the love and support to each other as we wait.

I do have a few photos that need processing, probably completely out of sync with timing but hey never mind, be back soon to share.
Take care xx

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas, have a great day and enjoy the festivities
Take care

Friday, December 6, 2013


Can't seem to catch the days as they are flying by......
The first Sunday in December is the Christmas church service in the little chapel in our plaza, unfortunately it poured with rain so the traditional refreshments afterwards of thick sweet hot chocolate and cake were served in the old school house.  It was certainly well attended though and we were presented with this beautiful plant afterwards, so bright and cheerful

Have been pottering about in the craft room though.....been knitting hubby a special wrist/hand warmer to help his hand and also some little thumb covers, I adapted the pattern from making the arms of a rabbit, sounds daft, but worked well

A suffolk puff decoration to match the stars and a little wreath made from the inner circle of a used reel of tape, padded and wrapped with a fluffy white wool, ribbon roses and beads glued onto garden foliage finished it off.

Printed out some fun labels,(sorry can't remember where to link it) quite back to basics sitting gently colouring in and sprinkling glitter
Did make more but have already used them for the UK parcels
 As hubby is able to drive a little further now he took me into Calpe to visit one of the home decor shops Casa, hoping to catch some of their Christmas goodies, some of which makes me think I could make something similar for a fraction of the cost, but it's fun browsing.  In previous years I have visited mid December only to find the Christmas stock replaced by Spring......
I spied a bag with approx 250 tiny soft white balls for 1 euro, couldn't pass those up so a couple of bags dropped into my basket.........a few beads to make a little wreath then I couldn't resist making two tiny snowmen.....................

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 Its difficult to see in the picture, but I threaded some onto silver thread, some on fluffy wool and the last one with red and green beads between, they are very light so can go on the tree etc without bending things out of shape........

Tuesday saw us in Benidorm again, DD was having her PET TAC scan, this time it was 2 lots of yukky liquid to swallow plus the usual injected dye, she then had to sit alone and wait for over an hour before the scans.  They also wanted 2 scans, but at least let her out in between to have something to break the 6 hour fast.
it was very emotional as it is two years ago this month that this journey began and the trepidation of waiting now until we get the results is going to seem like an age.  They gave her the usual speal of do not go near children, pregnant ladies etc, so she queried about her new kittens she has just adopted and was told not to go nearer than a metre of them for 24 hours!

Sun's out so we are taking lunch up to the naya (it was 22 c in there yesterday) so warm up and chill out?? oh you know what I mean!!
take care