Monday, June 28, 2010

Well chuffed!

What a lovely surprise and honour to be choosen as the winner for the mini challenge, such a boost and thank you to everyone who left such nice comments.

Today we went to Guadalest with our Miniatures club. This is a mountain top village, about an hours drive away, it is literally built on top of and into the rock, where some of the little shops have a wall of mountain as their back wall. It is very pictureque with far reaching views across to the sea and even our own mountain range behind us at home. There is a wonderful miniatures museum with houses and room boxes displaying every type of shop, home situation you can think of, with the third floor becoming a complete miniature village, again created within and around the mountain formation the village sits on. A little browsing, plus a little shopping and lunch and the day was very enjoyable.

I have not managed to finish anything else for the EBCC, but thought you may like to see a 1/12th scale miniature quilt I made for one of our miniature houses. This was created using foundation piecing and is all hand stitched. (DH made the bed) I have made several different quilts and soft furnishings including carpets, rugs, cushions, (1/12th scale nine patch gets a bit small!)
This wall hanging was created using folded flowers and applique with beaded tassels.

Being new to blogland, I hope its not considered cheating to put up something made before joining in?!
Really enjoyed looking at everyones wonderful creations and projects and I am looking forward to July's creations and challanges

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Storms and gifts

We are having thunderstorms at the moment coming up from Algeria, with lots of rumbles and grumbles but very little rain, which is a shame as the garden and veggie plot would benefit. The satallite tv and internet connections are intermittent, just hope we don't lose the power

At first we thought it was the fiesta in the nearby town where they are celebrating the Moors and Christians festival with the more noise the better theory.

I made this colourful caterpillar with suffolk puffs for DD's friend's little one, Lucy decided it was a very strange bug she had not seen before and was investigating. We have 5 cats and they bring us an array of 'gifts' most of which we are able to rescue and return, but I did draw the line at the snake they brought in, luckily DH dealt with it.

Made these little gift pouches for EBCC, will probably make some more using Christmas fabric for little pressies or after dinner mints for the table
It can get surprisingly cold here in winter so I made these for DD, I have another pair on the go using a different pattern, which may find their way into my stocking!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guilt free crafting

I have been busy making some more gifts for the Early bird Christmas, some aspects of life has a way of intruding and it has been nice to be able to switch off and create, smoothing jadded edges without guilt. I even managed a little bit towards recycling, making canisters/pen holders from tins.
Being new to blogland, I am also trying to work out how to create a more interesting space......gradually, but will get there. I have to admit it seems a little time consuming when I'd rather be stitching lol

Recyling - Canisters/pen holders using tin cans

Tea wallets and after altering the pattern slightly, a wallet to hold business cards
I like making the covering for the button, these were beaded


A brooch and the slightly smaller flower is mounted on a hairslide

ipod and mobile pouches
Off to make something different................

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Early Bird Christmas Crafting

I found Judith's Early Bird Christmas Crafting and wanted to join in the fun as I really enjoy all kinds of different crafts and, like so many, good intentions of starting early nearly always disappear. I needed a blog, so here goes!

I have made my Christmas journal, along with various mini gifts ready to be stashed away in my Christmas box and I'm looking forward to trying new patterns and techniques as the weeks progress.

I've made a lavender bag using a vintage napkin that belonged to my Mum. A scissor keeper and a brooch.

This is a needlecase decorated in Stumpwork/needlelace

Scented hotpads decorated with Sashico with a folded ribbon and beaded napkin holder

A purse

Challenge - making something from 2 fat 1/8ths
Hope this beaded brooch qualifies.