Sunday, February 25, 2018


Oh my goodness, we have had our little Felix for 4 weeks now....yes really
and today he found his way upstairs and into our bedroom
He is bounding around like a little rabbit
Probably because of his poorly leg, he learnt to hop around
now he is bounding around and investigating like there is no tomorrow
we have to be very vigilant  about keeping the inner courtyard door firmly closed
today he actually poked his head out of the cat flap
wont be long now!!!´

We were given a poinsettia plant before Christmas which has given lots of colour,
and I have been vigilant about the cats, but I left it outside and found these lovely droplets on it

Just for fun I bought Chris a little jig saw puzzle for Christmas
It is completely black and white
the fun is once completed you get to colour it in
with pieces the size of a finger nail and no real picture, it has taken him 2 days to complete.....

One of the furries got into a little cupboard and decided it was a lovely little nest
whilst putting everything back in place, I found a little project from a while ago
I love trying different techniques and this was from the Japanese folded patchwork time

I like to make things that are useful whilst enjoying fabric manipulating
Japanese folded patchwork is definitely that

Pretty and useful

take care

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kantha projects

Spring has sprung here, thanks to my beautiful girl bringing some back home with her.
These are just delightful and my favourites
Rebecca carefully wrapped them up and protected them in her hand luggage by using cardboard tubes
They were really tightly closed and I have had such enjoyment as I have watched them slowly unfurl these last few days.

I don't know the name of this plant, but we know it as a money tree
My Mum had one of these in Surrey when the kids were young and she wove enchanting stories for them around the bush, sometimes even hiding small coins amongst its leaves for them to find. Not every time they went there of course, just to add to the mystery.
I noticed this one coming into flower
 Little star flowers. It made me smile a lovely way to remember Mum

Fiona made a post about kantha stitching, I mentioned that I love this technique, so relaxing, Fiona asked what sort of projects I had made using it, so I thought it an idea to make a post of it.

Years ago now I attended a workshop by Surjeet Husain, who was born in India and trained in music, art and design. She was a mind of information and I thoroughly enjoyed using shisha glass and the traditional stitches she demonstrated, making several small projects, little purses and bags.

A little table runner
I didn't follow a pattern as such just let the needle flow,
I stitched this whilst sitting by my sons hospital bedside as he battled with Guillain barre syndrome, the rhythm was comforting. That was about 13 years ago now.

I used some of the techniques on this wall hanging, again just letting the flow take its own course.

I used perle threads and silks, sorry its a bit hard to see in the photo.
The hanging now rests on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

Today has been a lovely bright day and warm enough to sit in the naya, so I took up my hexie cot quilt to continue stitching, nice way to pass the afternoon. Still a way to go on it!!

take care

Monday, February 12, 2018


Wish it would make its mind up, one minute freezing the next its 16C and tee shirts, then today rain and freezing cold.  Rebecca has just returned from a trip to see Antoni in Reading and she said she just wished she had a button for central heating here. Have to rely on the good old hot water bottle!

They have been astounded at the spiralling costs of renting in the UK, what with month and half deposits plus another half month because of the cats, even in unfurnished! then the credit and police check costs plus moving back over from here, they are now feeling very disheartened.

Rebecca has always been a people person and is the first to offer a helping hand.
Whilst in M & S at the weekend she passed a lady who was obviously having problems and no one was helping her, so she stepped forward and after being told a chair was in the furthest part of the shop began to clear a mannequin display so the lady could perch on the boxes. She subsequently stayed with her for half an hour until the ladies daughter arrived.

The next day Rebecca headed off to Birmingham airport, was transferred to a coach at Banbury due to track closures so was rather worried over timing for her flight. She was fine but going through security they spotted a pot of hummus in her case and even though it was sealed etc they confiscated it and threw it away. She was a bit cross!!!! So they put her case through again for a rescan, by this time she was getting rather flustered, quickly collected said bag and the rest of her belongings from the trays and headed off. It was only after she had nearly exited the security that a couple approached her and suggested that she may have left her ipad behind and security had it safe.
Sure enough upon checking after all the kerfuffle it wasn't there but she was reunited with her ipad.
Reason for the waffle of a story, I just thought it was so lovely that she had done her paying forward so to speak and then she was rewarded.
I think its called karma.

So many times people are ignoring their instincts to help because of possible repercussions which is really quite sad, when sometimes a friendly hand of friendship is all that is wanted.

Update on Feliz, poor little chap, back to the vets today, couldn't open his eyes again this morning, at least he is eating a little but has no interest in anything at all. Something I thought interesting was the vet told us to bathe his eyes in camomile tea solution, they do seem slightly better now.
Something to note for future reference. Back to the vets tomorrow

I spotted this cloud yesterday afternoon, actually I saw its reflection in a window first then saw it in the sky, beautiful rainbow cloud. No enhancement or photo shop, just how it was

take care


Friday, February 9, 2018


Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary
Hard to believe two years ago we were in Gibraltar, it was certainly warmer than it is today
Where does the time go?
Chris gave me a beautiful rainbow bouquet

Poor Felix is in the wars again
He has made friends with Tammy making her his Mummy but she has had a nasty cold
and he has now caught it
Although today he is eating better again and is bouncing around like Tigger
Here he is feeling a little sorry for himself in the log basket by the fire

He still likes his little hiding place in my jumper but I did manage a little knitting for a while as he dozed but it was impossible when he woke up!

Take care


Saturday, February 3, 2018


We have gone back to jumpers and scarves, the rain yesterday turned into snow and sleet. We had travel warnings from the town hall regarding the state of our mountain road, which consequently meant Chris having to cancel two appointments. Better safe than sorry though.
However it had all cleared up by late afternoon and today we have sunshine again

But its cold!

The sea view from our courtyard
Nice bit of colour

Not much going on with the crafting, have to wait for Felix to drop off before knitting. I had started another jumper but decided as it has no particular shaping, the size I had chosen to do was too big. So as I was near the end of the yarn I started again and am undoing it as I reknit, shame I had knitted roughly ten inches before deciding that.
I think the other one is destined to be unpicked too as I realised this was too big too.
Better that than being shoved in a drawer never to be worn.
Have a great weekend
take care

Friday, February 2, 2018


We have been getting funny wet stuff from the sky since early yesterday evening. Yeah!
Its supposed to continue today, break tomorrow then a further three days, its so needed
The pool has been topped up by about four inches already
Mind you its driving the furries wild, they go from one door to the other in hope its not wet there then brave it and come back very soggy lol

Talking of furries, last Wednesday Rebecca was taking a walk around her village when she spotted a young lad with a rucksack depositing something by the bins, he ran away and as she passed she realised it was two tiny kittens, no more than 4 weeks old
A Spanish couple had walked passed in front of her and didn't bat and eyelid, but Rebecca scooped them up. popped them in her jumper and took them home.
She realised one of them had a broken leg, so she took them round to the vets for a check.
Yep, one broken leg, but too young to do anything about it except hope it mended well.

Her two cats were none too pleased a having their space invaded and she knew she couldn't keep them, the vets had told her they don't rehome. Good old social media after a couple of posts one of the kittens was rehomed, but no one wanted the poorly one.

One of the local shelters first said she was out of their area, then they would only take him if he came with a sizable donation!
Having gone to stay with Rebecca for a couple of days, I´m sure you have guessed the rest of the story! lol I just couldn´t see this beautiful black and white kitten with a lovely temprement being put in a large cage with older ones only to have his leg hurt even more.
He just had to come home with me

So I´m pleased to introduce you to Felix
He looks quite big here, but he is really tiny.
He is so sweet and after another check up with our vets, I´m pleased to say he is getting better, compensating a little still, but bouncing around so perhaps it was more of a green stick fracture
He loves to snuggle up in my cowl neck jumper and has great fun tossing the mice I knitted around, dancing and chasing anything he can. The others? some walk away, others sniff then wash him

As usual Chris had to video camera to hand and this is what he caught

At the moment he is sitting on the sofa fascinated by the rivers of rain pouring from the roof
Hours of entertainment, along with a pin cushion leg from his climbing lol
Better go and see what the little rascal is up to
take care