Sunday, February 25, 2018


Oh my goodness, we have had our little Felix for 4 weeks now....yes really
and today he found his way upstairs and into our bedroom
He is bounding around like a little rabbit
Probably because of his poorly leg, he learnt to hop around
now he is bounding around and investigating like there is no tomorrow
we have to be very vigilant  about keeping the inner courtyard door firmly closed
today he actually poked his head out of the cat flap
wont be long now!!!´

We were given a poinsettia plant before Christmas which has given lots of colour,
and I have been vigilant about the cats, but I left it outside and found these lovely droplets on it

Just for fun I bought Chris a little jig saw puzzle for Christmas
It is completely black and white
the fun is once completed you get to colour it in
with pieces the size of a finger nail and no real picture, it has taken him 2 days to complete.....

One of the furries got into a little cupboard and decided it was a lovely little nest
whilst putting everything back in place, I found a little project from a while ago
I love trying different techniques and this was from the Japanese folded patchwork time

I like to make things that are useful whilst enjoying fabric manipulating
Japanese folded patchwork is definitely that

Pretty and useful

take care


  1. It sounds like Felix has found his feet, it's funny watching them develop and gain confidence. That jigsaw looks difficult with no colours to match up, it'll be fun colouring it in, I bet that takes longer than the actual jigsaw.

    1. In the end he took a couple of photos of the tube and photo shopped them together, then he finished it quite quickly. I think the colouring in will be quite therapeutic xcx

  2. Lovely post with all sorts. I have a poinsettia from Christmas still going nicely too - and love to spray it every now and then for that effect. Odd how we have the same thing from different ends of the world.... Jigsaw looks fun, is Chris going to colour it now? Love the coffee jug warmer....


    1. Thanks Fiona, made it a while ago but still useful. I think he will colour it, it will make it much easier to do next time xcx