Saturday, February 3, 2018


We have gone back to jumpers and scarves, the rain yesterday turned into snow and sleet. We had travel warnings from the town hall regarding the state of our mountain road, which consequently meant Chris having to cancel two appointments. Better safe than sorry though.
However it had all cleared up by late afternoon and today we have sunshine again

But its cold!

The sea view from our courtyard
Nice bit of colour

Not much going on with the crafting, have to wait for Felix to drop off before knitting. I had started another jumper but decided as it has no particular shaping, the size I had chosen to do was too big. So as I was near the end of the yarn I started again and am undoing it as I reknit, shame I had knitted roughly ten inches before deciding that.
I think the other one is destined to be unpicked too as I realised this was too big too.
Better that than being shoved in a drawer never to be worn.
Have a great weekend
take care


  1. the weather is crazy - we dropped 20degrees in 2 days suddenly and the winter woolies had to come out.... the snow on the mountains looks so pretty especially against the blue sky... happy reknitting!!!

    1. Hi Fiona, exactly what happened here. Certainly very picturesque, great photo opportunity. xcx

  2. It may be cold but the snow makes for beautiful photos, what a view. Yes, it's a pain having to unravel knitting but it's much better to get the size right. I'm knitting a jumper for Eleanor which is oversized and no shaping at all, hard to check really what it's going to look like until it's done.

    1. If you look hard the snow has created faces on the mountains, one is a bear. That's what happened here, but it just looked baggy and unflattering. xcx