Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kantha projects

Spring has sprung here, thanks to my beautiful girl bringing some back home with her.
These are just delightful and my favourites
Rebecca carefully wrapped them up and protected them in her hand luggage by using cardboard tubes
They were really tightly closed and I have had such enjoyment as I have watched them slowly unfurl these last few days.

I don't know the name of this plant, but we know it as a money tree
My Mum had one of these in Surrey when the kids were young and she wove enchanting stories for them around the bush, sometimes even hiding small coins amongst its leaves for them to find. Not every time they went there of course, just to add to the mystery.
I noticed this one coming into flower
 Little star flowers. It made me smile a lovely way to remember Mum

Fiona made a post about kantha stitching, I mentioned that I love this technique, so relaxing, Fiona asked what sort of projects I had made using it, so I thought it an idea to make a post of it.

Years ago now I attended a workshop by Surjeet Husain, who was born in India and trained in music, art and design. She was a mind of information and I thoroughly enjoyed using shisha glass and the traditional stitches she demonstrated, making several small projects, little purses and bags.

A little table runner
I didn't follow a pattern as such just let the needle flow,
I stitched this whilst sitting by my sons hospital bedside as he battled with Guillain barre syndrome, the rhythm was comforting. That was about 13 years ago now.

I used some of the techniques on this wall hanging, again just letting the flow take its own course.

I used perle threads and silks, sorry its a bit hard to see in the photo.
The hanging now rests on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

Today has been a lovely bright day and warm enough to sit in the naya, so I took up my hexie cot quilt to continue stitching, nice way to pass the afternoon. Still a way to go on it!!

take care


  1. Dear Chrissie
    What a lovely post filled with things that make you happy.
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Ellie nothing like a bunch of bright daffodils to cheer the day xcx

  2. I love what you made and that you can just go with the flow.... I struggle to do that. Lovely to see them... thanks. I had never heard of Guilliane Barre until a few years ago... horrible disease...

    1. Thank you Fiona, I purchased two books at the workshop, as you do! they have lots of the traditional patterns in them, along with ideas for projects. Its so therapeutic dipping a needle in and out. You in turn do the most marvellous quilting and that certainly flows lol xcx

  3. I've never heard of kantha stitching before but your projects are beautiful, I love the wall hanging, the colours are really striking. It's still cold here so any little signs of spring lift my spirits, we've got bulbs poking through the soil now so spring can't be far away.

    1. Thank you Jo, I really enjoy hand stitching. The wall hanging looked rather out of place at the farm, but here the colours are quite Mediterranean and work well. I spotted a tiny bunch of daffs popping up in the garden of the restaurant, very pretty, but somehow out of place in her garden with the orchids, daisies etc. Keep warm! xcx