Friday, March 29, 2013


DD saw this and put it on my facebook wall the other day, we thought it was very funny and fitted the occasion very well.....

We wondered if it was the same as her 'PET' scan.....

I mentioned about loading up my sprouter with mung beans, 
I had to decant some into another tier
Now I know various collective nouns, like gaggle of geese or charm of hummingbirds or even a lounge of lizards, but I wonder what you could call this humungous pile?

Much the same with pasta and rice, you always seem to get more than you bargained for....

 This was my taking out project, chunky moss stitch

Whilst this is a little stitchery from Kerryanne, but I have stitched some of the components by using needlelace
The small hoop holds the wing of the bird sitting on the fence, just waiting to be buttonholed around the wire and attached

Usual dilemma - what to have for dinner, decided it needed to be simple, one pan cooking, so yesterday I made my version of paella
Enjoy the weekend, take care

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good news

Good news today! DS rang early this morning to tell me he has passed his car driving test, it was in the morning rush hour in Exeter, a very busy place, I say it that way as he has had a full licence for his motor bikes for years, just never got around to doing the car one. He rang again this afternoon to tell me all the places he has been today in his car, finding it so much more convenient to go shopping than on his motor bike.  So chuffed for him, well done.

We have a busy time ahead of us these next few weeks as DD has so many hospital appointments its hard to keep up.  She has just had an echocardiogram, luckily that was ok, then yesterday I went with her for her TAC scan, have to wait for the results of those though.  Unfortunately she is finding it difficult to even walk into the hospitals, let alone tests, scans and consultations, the smell, sounds etc are taking their toll. She has just been diagnosed with Post cancer traumatic stress, not surprised, so we are taking a very positive view and of course supporting her during this time.  We have booked a facial and massage after Easter, she has joined in a support group and has the number for councelling.  Very proud of her and the way she is trying to deal with this.

After a rummage in one of the kitchen cupboards, I racked out my sprouter
We love sprouted mung beans, especially in stir fries and salads, so I presoaked some, along with some alfalfa seeds
soaking them first has certainly speeded up the process as they are already starting to sprout, think there may be too many so will have to put on another tier.

There has been a little bit of stitching, finished off this one and started another

Also started a very simple knitting project, using 8mm needles, so big and chunky, ideal for the waiting rooms!
Oh well time to start the evening meal, what to have today?
take care

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fanfares and drum rolls

Yeah.......I've done it, ........drum rolls....... trumpet fanfares........ tah very first pieced quilt top................

Really chuffed with this, even if I say so myself!, it came out much better than I expected
I have ordered the batting and the backing, so will have to wait for Mr Postie.  Now the next problem to solve, how to quilt it? haven't a clue, anyone with any ideas do feel free to say.  
This is a sort of lap quilt size, the diamond one I am hand piecing will be bigger, oh help! oh well gotta start somewhere.

The first of the freesia flowers, such a lovely scent and the periwinkle, just starting to flower, its a very invasive plant but the flowers are pretty. 
Decided to enjoy the sunshine, so sat in the courtyard idly stitching, what more can a girl ask for?

Hmmmmm, can think of a few things.......
take care

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and we were invited out to lunch by DD to Casa Caty in Jalon, where she presented me with this gorgous hand tied bouquet 
The restaurant is quite compact but lively and homely with a superb choice of menu. Being very busy whilst we were waiting for our meals, DD gave me 'sillies' as she calls them, little pressies to bring a smile.
Lovely strawberries and cream, fresh ginger and a gadget to help clean louvre doors
and a huge pot of thyme, extremely fragrant and so lovely and fresh, just right to add to salads, dishes and making thyme tea
but you know, the 'bestest' present of all was seeing her beautiful smile, receiving her heart felt hugs and enjoying her wonderful company.
Just had a phone call from DS in the UK as he is travelling back to the West country after an away weekend showing his partner the sites in London, so all in all a very nice day indeed

take care

Friday, March 8, 2013


sore bits! yesterday I dashed out to collect the washing as I realised it had begun to rain, slipped on the now wet outside tiles and came a cropper.  Nothing too major, but I'm not as agile as I was so doing the splits before hitting the ground was not on my agenda.

So what is a girl supposed to do? answer.... sit quietly and sew...... so that's what I did....
Continued stitching the diamond quilt blocks together, but I put it down for a few moments to get some more pieces and upon my return was greeted by these two.

this is nice, thanks Mum we shall enjoy this

It didn't take them long to find it!  Benji was completely comfortable and Tammy was trying it out for size.  They were not happy at being evicted lol.  I see I shall have to place this very carefully or all 8 will be on it.
take care

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I found this top whilst sorting through some things and having decided it was too small to wear, thought of what I could do to repurpose it.
This is what I came up with and it used only one side of the front, I was really pleased with the little sachets filled with lavender, very fragrant and ideal for drawers, wardrobe or the linen cupboard.
I love this little case and enjoyed making it
Its an Elizabethan style design using Stumpwork, a technique that really appeals to me, this one includes needlelace too and when you undo the ribbons it turns itself into.........

this......a needle and pin case or a handy little travel bead mat
enjoy your stitching
take care

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plodding on

I am still plodding on with this sleeveless jacket, seems to be taking forever, but its good for when the fingers want something to do but the brain is unwilling

Decided on a change as I had found a pattern for Irish moss stitch relating to a jumper and wanted to try this stitch
So I made up my own pattern for another dishcloth basing the borders on the previous ones, now I know it's not rocket science (or complicated) but I was quite chuffed that I got the stitches and size right, but was surprised that the little ball on the right was all that was left from a 50g ball of cotton yarn
Lovely colour though!

I few weeks ago I tried a macrame bracelet but I only had perle cotton, the results were workable but tended to slip so I ordered the correct thread (C-Lon Tex) and remade it, much better

At the same time as placing the bead order, I found this cheerful chappy in the 'sale bin', something to start the next Christmas box.  Haven't done cross stitch for ages so this was a nice change. 

Going off to do some gardening (silly me!) the rain has softened the ground enough now
take care

Friday, March 1, 2013

Calm before the storm

I know everyone is having funny weather patterns but these were the views in the moon light the other evening viewing across to the med, so light, bright and clear
Then this morning we were woken to pounding on the windows and roof along with thunder and lightening to find this
A tremendous hail storm, which left the mountain road further up from us impassable without a 4x4 for several hours, amazing, nature at its most volatile, it was even reported that in Benidorm (about 35 mins away)  two tornados were whipping up the seas.  Hogging the log fire seemed to be a really good idea.
take care