Friday, March 29, 2013


DD saw this and put it on my facebook wall the other day, we thought it was very funny and fitted the occasion very well.....

We wondered if it was the same as her 'PET' scan.....

I mentioned about loading up my sprouter with mung beans, 
I had to decant some into another tier
Now I know various collective nouns, like gaggle of geese or charm of hummingbirds or even a lounge of lizards, but I wonder what you could call this humungous pile?

Much the same with pasta and rice, you always seem to get more than you bargained for....

 This was my taking out project, chunky moss stitch

Whilst this is a little stitchery from Kerryanne, but I have stitched some of the components by using needlelace
The small hoop holds the wing of the bird sitting on the fence, just waiting to be buttonholed around the wire and attached

Usual dilemma - what to have for dinner, decided it needed to be simple, one pan cooking, so yesterday I made my version of paella
Enjoy the weekend, take care


  1. beautiful little stitchery, I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the needlelacing

  2. Hi Chrissie, funny 'cat'.... - I do think that must be a 'pet' scan too!!! so you will be eating sprouts... I trust there was a generous sprinkling of them on that paella... looks very yummy....
    I was interested in how you were doing the birds wing ... so fiddly as it looks tiny....

  3. Your sprouts were very prolific werent they. You will have to add them to all your meals for a few days. The stitchery is looking beautiful, and I also love the idea of the bird wing,and will be looking forward to seeing it finished. Gorgeous knitting too.