Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good news

Good news today! DS rang early this morning to tell me he has passed his car driving test, it was in the morning rush hour in Exeter, a very busy place, I say it that way as he has had a full licence for his motor bikes for years, just never got around to doing the car one. He rang again this afternoon to tell me all the places he has been today in his car, finding it so much more convenient to go shopping than on his motor bike.  So chuffed for him, well done.

We have a busy time ahead of us these next few weeks as DD has so many hospital appointments its hard to keep up.  She has just had an echocardiogram, luckily that was ok, then yesterday I went with her for her TAC scan, have to wait for the results of those though.  Unfortunately she is finding it difficult to even walk into the hospitals, let alone tests, scans and consultations, the smell, sounds etc are taking their toll. She has just been diagnosed with Post cancer traumatic stress, not surprised, so we are taking a very positive view and of course supporting her during this time.  We have booked a facial and massage after Easter, she has joined in a support group and has the number for councelling.  Very proud of her and the way she is trying to deal with this.

After a rummage in one of the kitchen cupboards, I racked out my sprouter
We love sprouted mung beans, especially in stir fries and salads, so I presoaked some, along with some alfalfa seeds
soaking them first has certainly speeded up the process as they are already starting to sprout, think there may be too many so will have to put on another tier.

There has been a little bit of stitching, finished off this one and started another

Also started a very simple knitting project, using 8mm needles, so big and chunky, ideal for the waiting rooms!
Oh well time to start the evening meal, what to have today?
take care


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, she's already been through so much.

  2. Your daughter sounds very brave Chrissie, hope she feels much better soon.
    Kim xx

  3. How sweet is your stitchery and I love sprouted beans too...... All the best for DD whilst she does all these tests... and of course to you... it's not easy...

  4. Your sprouts look like they are doing well, will be using them in your cooking in no time. Love your stitchery.
    Thinking of your daughter and you as she goes through the round of tests and appointments. It would be hard to go through. Will be praying for good results and healing for her.