Friday, March 8, 2013


sore bits! yesterday I dashed out to collect the washing as I realised it had begun to rain, slipped on the now wet outside tiles and came a cropper.  Nothing too major, but I'm not as agile as I was so doing the splits before hitting the ground was not on my agenda.

So what is a girl supposed to do? answer.... sit quietly and sew...... so that's what I did....
Continued stitching the diamond quilt blocks together, but I put it down for a few moments to get some more pieces and upon my return was greeted by these two.

this is nice, thanks Mum we shall enjoy this

It didn't take them long to find it!  Benji was completely comfortable and Tammy was trying it out for size.  They were not happy at being evicted lol.  I see I shall have to place this very carefully or all 8 will be on it.
take care


  1. Oh Chrissie, I give myself such a fright when something like that happens.... I'm glad you have some pretty stitching to do.. 8 cats???? do you run a feline care centre???

  2. Quilts are such cat magnets. Especially the unfinished ones. Eight cats is quite a house full. We had five a one point. Sadly it is just the one now.
    It is so easy to over estimate our agility. We have tiles inside and now I am very careful how I step and I have mats everywhere when it is wet. At least you were just injured enough to have to sit and sew. Take care.

  3. Oh no, I hope you're OK. I'm forever falling and hurting myself! 8 cats! Wow, that's loads! Says the lady with 4 bunnies who'd have another 4 if hubby would let her...