Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fanfares and drum rolls

Yeah.......I've done it, ........drum rolls....... trumpet fanfares........ tah very first pieced quilt top................

Really chuffed with this, even if I say so myself!, it came out much better than I expected
I have ordered the batting and the backing, so will have to wait for Mr Postie.  Now the next problem to solve, how to quilt it? haven't a clue, anyone with any ideas do feel free to say.  
This is a sort of lap quilt size, the diamond one I am hand piecing will be bigger, oh help! oh well gotta start somewhere.

The first of the freesia flowers, such a lovely scent and the periwinkle, just starting to flower, its a very invasive plant but the flowers are pretty. 
Decided to enjoy the sunshine, so sat in the courtyard idly stitching, what more can a girl ask for?

Hmmmmm, can think of a few things.......
take care


  1. Wow, well done Chrissie! I can't believe that's your first quilt top, it's just fabulous!

  2. It's beautiful Chrissie, the colours are so vibrant x

  3. Chrissie, you don't half jump in with all those tiny triangles.... I love it... you must be so pleased.... It always takes me ages to decide on the quilting... it will come to you...
    I do love freesias... and stitching... I think I should come over ...

  4. Wow, Chrissie. Your quilt top looks amazing. I love your colours. I too take ages to decide on the quilting, and often start quilting without having a clear picture of where it will go. Sitting in the courtyard stitching sounds rather good.