Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plodding on

I am still plodding on with this sleeveless jacket, seems to be taking forever, but its good for when the fingers want something to do but the brain is unwilling

Decided on a change as I had found a pattern for Irish moss stitch relating to a jumper and wanted to try this stitch
So I made up my own pattern for another dishcloth basing the borders on the previous ones, now I know it's not rocket science (or complicated) but I was quite chuffed that I got the stitches and size right, but was surprised that the little ball on the right was all that was left from a 50g ball of cotton yarn
Lovely colour though!

I few weeks ago I tried a macrame bracelet but I only had perle cotton, the results were workable but tended to slip so I ordered the correct thread (C-Lon Tex) and remade it, much better

At the same time as placing the bead order, I found this cheerful chappy in the 'sale bin', something to start the next Christmas box.  Haven't done cross stitch for ages so this was a nice change. 

Going off to do some gardening (silly me!) the rain has softened the ground enough now
take care

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  1. I do love to see a nice mix of projects on a blog! Love the dishcloth, you should be proud of yourself, crafting maths is HARD. The bracelet looks great and the penguin is so cute!