Friday, April 5, 2013

Not good news.......

but fantastic news.........
Yeah.....DD had her results today and is still all clear of the big C.........

It was a year ago today that she was taken into ICU after her stint of 12 weeks chemo, and we began the 12 days nightmare, so it was only fitting that we had good news on the 'C' front, even if they have confirmed that any further treatment on the veins is not recommended -time will tell.

So yesterday we booked ourselves in for some girlie pampering -  a massage and facial followed by a nice lunch, and DD stayed over ready for today - more consults next week

Well my take along project was finished
 Looks like a heap of nothing, in fact it is a cowl, ready for the pressie box

A couple of close ups of the little needlelace stitchery

The wing slipped a little, but you get the jist

Oh dear, stitchery was wonky! never mind - do you have days like that?

Stone arrived today, the rain arrived this evening, lets hope the gardener arrives in the morning!?
take care


  1. oh that's just wonderful, I'm so happy for you!

    The needlelace is gorgeous, if the finished piece is wonky, you should be able to straighten it up with a bit of water and a press

  2. Fantastic good news Chrissie, lots of pampering in order I think.

    Your stitching is beautiful, such a lovely sentiment.

    kim x

  3. You definitely earned a time of pampering to celebrate such wonderful news. Your stitching is gorgeous. Love the pink flower.

  4. Oh Chrissie, how fantastic... I had a little happy cry - that is such fantastic news... well done all of you for conquering that huuuuugggee mountain......xx
    lovely stitching... and I love the quirky wonkiness... perfect for great news...