Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mixed bag

It's been lovely, and sunny for about a week now, temperatures up in the early 20's and thankfully the winds have dropped to a light breeze.Something DH was pleased about as it has enabled him to fly and slope soar.  He watches the birds catching the thermals and sends the model to the same place, then he found the birds looking for him in return as he found new thermals.

The garden has been giving us some colour too
 These pictures were taken on the top terrace
 The white iris's are more advanced than the coloured ones which are still in bud
The herb garden with a tumbling mass of anemones 

I finished another cowl and DH inquired as to what it was - so rather than explain I put it on him, mistake! - the result was he found it very comfortable, warm and snuggly and wouldn't take it off - this was going to be for him as a little Christmas stocking filler - back to the drawing board on that one then! as least he agreed to model it.

Decided to make some more cotton cloths from a bamboo and cotton mix yarn - but crochet this time, I used these as my take out projects whilst I was attending all the hospital appointments with DD
We have now completed this round of tests and appointments, hopefully nothing now till the next round in July.  On the last day I was waiting for DD in the main reception hall of Denia hospital, quite oblivious to the goings on around me, happily doing my crochet, when a spanish lady purposefully strode up to me, dug in her bag and produced a piece of crochet of a double flower and stated that she would show me how to 'do it properly!' well I admit I am self taught and yes I know I put the yarn to the hook instead of the other way round, but it works for me, but she was obviously quite affronted by this, luckily she didn't stop but went on her way, don't think my spanish would have been up to that!

The yarn company I buy from in the UK were having a 40% sale so I decided to chose some random yarns that I would not normally select, including more needle felting yarn which I thought would compliment the merino tops I already have.  There was also some sari ribbon, haven't got a clue what I shall use it for, but I'm sure a light bulb moment will happen, open to any ideas......

This yarn was amongst them - pretty colours but rather like a flat tape Luckily they had included a free pattern - so this became......

this... quite mad really
.  Must be off now, going to enjoy the sunshine
take care


  1. Some gorgeous photos of your garden and the hills in the background. Hubby looks happy with his cowl. Those fluffy, twisty scarves are amazing arent they.

  2. I love the herb garden with the tumbling anemones Chrissie, so pretty. Your hubby looks very dapper in his Christmas cowl, maybe when the weather gets warmer you could sneak it back into your christmas gift box when he's not looking, lol. Fabulous thrifty yarn haul too, my daughter has just finished knitting a similar scarf in a bright red to wear as part of her Marilyn Monroe dress up costume for a works do.

    I've never been able to hold the yarn properly when I crochet either..........I crochet just as I knit.........but I find it turns out just the same.

    Enjoy your sunny weather, Kim x

  3. I did enjoy that your DH and the birds share information! The irises are alooking lovely and the cowl looks great.... is DH going to model your new twirly whirly one too? The different wools look fun... I also carry a bit of crochet or knitting around to knit into washcloths and am told I crochet back to front (also self taught) - how funny that a stranger wanted to teach you to do it properly!! haha