Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I decided on making sweet and sour chicken for dinner tonight but needed some almonds to go with it. Armed with a suitable container I started picking from one tree near the pool with lower branches, as I picked the kittens thought it great fun to take them out of the container, play football with them then return for more.

The harvesting is usually done by spreading nets all around the tree and knocking the nuts off with sticks then collecting them up in the nets. They use the same method for collecting the olives. Well I was only going to pick a few!!?

I brought them back to the inner courtyard to seperate the nuts and husks, Amber decided to get a better view

I'm helping really I am - we keep the husks to help light the winter fires
The yield - now for the painful bit of cracking them open, they have machines which they bring on to the bankales but we only had a hammer. Must admit they are rather yummy.
Only 17 1/2 trees to go now......................... think I prefer stitching!

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