Sunday, November 4, 2012


A whole mish mash of lifes goings on since my last post, most of which I could have done without, especially the migraines, medical appointments and the like. Also the camera card has gone on the blink and getting photos is proving quite a challenge.

The lounge chimney was knocked down and the new wood burning stove installed, what a difference, very economic in its useage of logs, so much extra warmth created by having the fire free standing (no chimney), but the best thing of all is it is so much cleaner and produces very little dust or ash, less time dusting and sweeping up, so I wonder if that means more time crafting? hmmm bet it doesn't!

 A quick blink of the eye and Christmas suddenly seems to be looming and the pressie box is not as full as it should be! and only 4 pressies for the advent calender, ooh I am slacking!

I did manage to make several pairs of shoe stuffers though, as a friend brought over my parcel of lavender from the UK so I was able to finish them off.

I have made several of the cotton cloths though, including the ones below of a dragonfly and hearts

I also ordered some lovely yarn from the UK to make DD a little bolero for a Christmas gift, both fronts completed, just working on the back now.  I treated myself to some new bamboo needles, they are so light and smooth and don't seem to produce the annoying click click sound that the metal ones do.

DD has now set the wedding date for September next year, so many an hour has been spent searching relevant sites for ideas, amazing where the time goes when on the computer
DD wants to incorporate butterflies and dragonflies, so I have been busy making some beaded ones, leaving the wires long so that they can be used in a variety of ways.  They do take about a couple of hours each, so how many we will get is yet to be seen!

Oh well back to the knitting, see if it can be a finish soon ready for the box.
take care


  1. Such lovely dragonflies! Your daughter is lucky to be getting homemade touches at her wedding

  2. p.s., your word verification is getting harder, it took me 3 goes to get that right.

    1. Thanks Wendy, hopefully all sorted now,