Monday, October 15, 2012

We're back

Yet another hospital appointment for DD on Thursday, this time it was for a second opinion on the vascular problems, unfortunately the second opinion was the same as the first and was not good at all.  More scans!

DH and I started our project of the Spanish street last year, but it was shelved due to lack of time and inclination because of all that was happening with DD. However, we are Back!  the Spanish bar is nearly complete, just needs a few tweaks, bar stools and a couple more accessories.

The grape picture above the bodega is actually a 1/12th scale version of  tile art that is in our Naya

The pictures above the bar are again from full scale tiles in our lounge and depict Don Quixote

We moved on to the artist's gallery - DH had already made the artist doll, so yesterday I made his clothes, belt and sandals.  We have to complete all the pictures and hang them in the gallery, then make some more items, but it is slowly coming along and nice to see it happening again.

DH also made this little hall table, just right for the cheese plant.

I have been doing a few Christmas gifts too in between the minis, I find there is only so long I can do them before my eyes get too tired, so it's nice to have normal size projects to make.

Wonder what is on the agenda today?
Take care

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