Saturday, October 6, 2012


Not much crafting going on at the moment for me, unfortunately there have been more hospital appointments with DD, now she needs to wait for a further CT scan of her lungs, breathing tests, consultations and updates with the vascular department, its all go!

We have also just knocked down our chimney in the lounge, it held a cassette log fire which had burnt through last season and needed replacing.  I was impressed on the builders, we had removed what we could and covered the rest of the furniture, but they were very clean, removing all debris, swept up, even asked for another broom! and left the place very tidy.  Not like some we have had where I don't think they had even heard of a dust pan and brush.  Now we wait for the wall to be rendered and a new fire installed.

I did knit a shopping bag, it's just waiting to be sewn up and handles attached, so I will show you later, and I managed to needleweave a few more mini ferns ready for the flower pots.

Going to nip off now and see if I can sneak a little time crafting.

take care

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