Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sunny and bright

The weather has been really quite lovely during the day nearly 20c blue skies, nice and sunny.  This prompted me to start in the garden, which had been rather neglected these last 12 months, really hard pacing yourself and not doing 'just one more bit', taken 3 days so far to tackle just one area. Nearly finished and really pleased with the results.

Another hospital trip on Monday with DD, this time the heart surgeon, due to DD's young age and the difficulty of the by pass, the decision was taken to let the huge word of 'time' take place and watch and see how our wonderful bodies can regenerate and reroute.  Fantastically, some tiny veins that are usually insignificant have taken up the challenge to take up the slack of the damaged ones and are trying to expand naturally.  Absolutely brilliant, we just have to be very patient slowly slowly..........

Unfortunately nothing on the craft front, too pooped!  Exterior wall painting tomorrow.......

take care


  1. Good news that the heart is already starting to heal itself....
    Gardening is hard work too.. I'm sure the distraction has been something you have needed?


  2. So pleased that healing is taking place, even though it is a slow process.
    We cant fit in everything, so gardening and painting is fine at the moment. The time will come when you have time and energy for other things.
    Take care.
    loving hugs. xx