Sunday, January 13, 2013


Would you believe the almond trees are beginning to blossom already, perhaps spring has sprung

Finally finished the first area, looks very fresh and streamlined, just needs a heap of stones as a top covering and a few things taken to the tip

Started on the rose garden, took a 1/4 of the way through photo, had already filled a large sack by this time

then 3/4 before it got too much and I had to stop, need some rain as the ground is like concrete again

The next day I decided to have a rest, yeh right! the wall behind the swing seat was crying out to be painted, yup thats what I did, but being kind to my wrists and hands, its hard work painting rough cast, I sat in the sun making more of these

to be stitched together to continue making this, all hand stitched (must be mad!!)  I arranged them on the bed to get a picture of the size and how many more are needed, next thing would be sewing them all together hopefully in the right order!.......

this project has been one of those that gets picked up on the go or when you just don't quite know what else to do. So its looks like I am on my way to having my first quilt as there are enough blocks to at least see the resemblance of a quilt top.  Few more to make though

Now the question is how best to fill in the gaps around the edge? 1/2 blocks?,or single pieces or ??
Anyone got any ideas?

Oh well back to it........
take care


  1. doing well in the garden there... isn't it amazing how weeds can grow anywhere????? love the quilt... what a lot of stitching... I have no idea about finishing off with hexies... it will be interesting to see what suggestions come...

  2. Lovely almond tree. You are doing well with the garden. I need to do lots of that too but our ground is also like concrete and I dont have much hope of pulling them out till we get some rain. Your hexies look great - so much work in it. I havent made a hexie quilt so dont know how I would go about finishing the edges. I think some people leave it as is, others do half hexies. It looks like what you have done is a good size already.