Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yesterday I escaped from the house where I have been basically house bound since Christmas - we were feeling much better than we were and decided to attend our monthly Miniatures Club. I'm glad we did, what do they say? a change is as good as a rest! We are making room scenes utalising a two bottle wooden wine gift case from our local supermarkets. We have all choosen a topic or shop from the Victorian ere and will display them in an exhibition at Easter. Everyone has their own ideas around the themes and it will be interesting to see all the interpretations. We were busy swapping materials from pieces of linen for flour sacks to fine wire for jewellery making. Being 1/12th scale you don't need 'large' bits (g).

Dh has been busy using the moulds that santa brought him and has made various figures, passing them to the 'costume department' for dressing! One scene will be a maypole feature so he will be busy making the children for the lady to dress, plus getting on with his own theme. At least Easter is late this year, so that gives us all a little time.

Jenny of Elefantz is running an auction of two of her lovely quilts to help raise funds for people caught in the devastation of the floods and fires in Australia, visit her here www.elefantz.com also the Gum Tree Designers are launching their New Beginnings appeal visit here to see www.gumtree-designers.com, sending lots of light, love and energy for everyone involved.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better and getting out and about again.... the Minatures club project sounds such fun.... will be lovely to see it...