Thursday, May 26, 2011

In the wars

Just a tad in the wars again. After my adventure with the almond tree, I had a run in with mosquitos, whether it was just the one and he was hungry or several and they were playing games of who can eat the most I don't know, anyway, I ended up with 47 bites.

Itchy and uncomfortable to say the least, it was when I started to feel really hot/cold and strange, (well stranger than usual!) that a trip to the farmacia yielded antihistamine and creme with the advice to drink plenty of water to try to reduce the poison of so many bites. I usually end up with a couple of bites but that many was taking the biscuit, suffice to say not much being done.

Although I did take the opportunity of finishing the miniature knitted jumper, will take a piccie later, and making 6 pairs of miniature curtains, I only have another 18 to go! These are for the victorian street we are creating for the exhibiton, DH has designed and built one unit which takes the individual room boxes, another 3 to go. It's the twiddles that take the time, drain pipes, chimneys and pots, bricking etc, I have also made some bushes using tapastry wool and the tufting method on canvas ready to cut out and place around the 'village green'

Only the bakery box is finished, the other two need work.

My new little iron has come into its own, I hand pleated 2 sets of the curtains, so much easier and lighter to use and being on the bench stops the constant up and down to the ironing board.
Off to make more curtains.......

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  1. Those are greedy mosquitoes..... poor you... I hate those itches.... the house is looking fantastic....