Thursday, May 5, 2011

a finish.....

finished painting the wall took an age, but wow what a difference both in asthetic value and the luz levels in the finca as the wall is opposite the finca wall with the light bouncing between the two, almost need sunglasses!!
As you can see everywhere the walls are white, except when we get the red rain, here the ria rue (summer kitchen) is not too bad so could wait till next year, but I think the casita on the left needs a face lift, its all go, even DS has been joining in cementing tiles and doing odd jobs.

best get on with it then!!?

ps. apologies for lack of upper case and/or letters missing, our keyboard is sick and getting very frustrating for ssomeone who touch types to type at snail pace cos the letters wont work properly. grr

enjoy your day

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  1. Chrissie... your place looks so lovely... what a view... wow.... How frustrating with the keyboard....