Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fish and knit

everyone knows fish is good for you, if you like it that is, here it is quite an adventure visiting the fish counter. Such an array of shell fish, squid, octopus, prawns, mackrell, tiny fish, large fish, oh yes and some really ugly fish...... some I have never come across, others I can translate what they are and others just look interesting enough to buy and have a go. This one is similar in texture to tuna I was reliably told by the assistant, ok give it a go. I have an enamel fish kettle which is ideal for this type of fish, had to remove the head before serving otherwise DD wouldn't have liked it. True to her word the texture was meaty, filling but not too fishy if you know what I mean! A very pleasant supper al fresco.

I have been knitting a jumper and had finished the front, now the back is finished and one sleeve, nearly there......the needles are 1.0mm and the large needle in the foreground is 3.5mm just for comparison, little wonder I can only knit on these for short bursts before the eyes go.

Some good news, DS has decided to extend his visit for another two weeks yeah, whoop whoop!!!

take care

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