Wednesday, May 4, 2011


busy busy - the rain did the trick and a large amount of weeding, pruning and tidying has been going on, I also prepped one (long) outside wall ready to paint, one of the drawbacks to white washed walls you have to keep up or they look shabby. It threatened another thunderstorm this afternoon, but in fact it split between our mountains and although it was black it was not too much trouble. then this double rainbow appeared

No sewing but I did create these curried potato, onion and bacon pasties

then made a morrocan style spicy pork pie

trouble is the more you cook the sooner it seems to disappear lol

take care

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  1. mmm.. those white washed walls may need a lot of care but they sure look good against those colours and the amazing dark sky ..... a slice of pie thanks... if there is any left.... yummmo...