Sunday, May 15, 2011

Silver linings

having had a slight accident, whilst outside painting one of the garden walls, I turned round too quickly and moved forward to return to the house to get the phone, rushing as you do and smashed into a low tree branch which completely knocked me flying, landing on my back and half scalped me. As I sat there with little birds tweating in circles around my head all thoughts of the phone were forgotten, I did eventually carry on and finished the job but it must have given me concussion as for several days after it has left me feeling really yukky, but I hasten to add that during all this at no stage was the almond tree hurt!! lol

But all clouds have a silver lining and I took the opportunity to sit quietly and stitch this gorgous butterfly that Cheryl from Willowberry Designs has been kind enough to share with us. I used rayon and metallic threads with beads for the butterfly and stranded cottons for the rest. I really enjoyed stitching this, so a big thank you to Cheryl.
(I would put a link but everytime I tried it wouldn't work!)

It was recently my birthday and I my MIL was very kind and gave me some money 'to spend on myself!' I was told - so I did and these goodies arrived a couple of days ago, the little iron is going to be so useful for the miniatures.

We decided to go to one of the restaurants on the other side of the mountain in Masserof for lunch yesterday, it was a gorgous day, warm and sunny and Suzies place is in a beautiful setting, very relaxed and with good food to boot. The two lads had the tagine, lamb almonds and trimmings which was lovely and the rest of us chose from the menu, 4 courses plus 1/2 bottle of wine each and bread and allioli all for 16e each, good value.

We were all so hungry it was only after we had devoured everything that I remembered to take some piccies so just the view this time, which unless you have a huge wide angled lense is impossible to capture.

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  1. Ouch ! So pleased you didnt get hurt any more seriously. Love your stitchery, and always love to see your photos of the countryside around you.