Thursday, June 26, 2014

Little things

The storm didn't materialize but we have had a little rain, unfortunately it was red rain again so instead of washing everything clean its left red marks. This year seems to be the year for Bougainvillea with spectacular shows of the vibrant flowers everywhere. Our neighbour has a bush against his house and this is the view we see from our inner courtyard balcony, looking down into the plaza.
You can just spy the med in the middle distance
This is actually our ground floor level, as the land rises as it goes behind the church, visitors to the plaza seem to think it is our roof balcony. Spanish properties tend to be like the tardis, not at all what you expect from the outside.

Work in progress in the cacti garden

Spent a little time chilling and doing some knitting, a sweet pair of bootees 

I used a cotton and bamboo mix for this bib, hopefully making it absorbant and easy wash 

 Rebecca's best friend is also expecting in August and she requested a little rabbit for the baby, so as Jo knows it will be a boy, he is wearing dungarees.
I found a nice little shop whilst in Exeter selling beads and various haberdashery items, including this little elephant, which I have stitched onto a little suit
Did the same with this sweet teddy, easy way to jazz up a plain item
More baby knitting on the go, the weeks are disappearing........
take care xcx


  1. What gorgeous baby projects Chrissie. I just adore the little rabbit in his dungarees and the bootees are so cute! Great idea for a bib that washes well. It looks so beautiful there, Spanish houses certainly look very different. Alison xx

    1. Thanks Alison, I have made a few of the rabbits now and they have all had different facial features, not by design, they just happen lol
      Coming from Devon, with quaint cottages etc it was quite a contrast, especially as most are painted white making everything bright. The older town houses look narrow from the front but behind they usually hide 2/3 storeys and inner courtyards and gardens, quite magical. xcx

  2. The little rabbit is so cute!!!! What a lovely gift, and I like the way that you have prettied up the onesies too. xx

    1. Thank you Amy, I was going to embroider something on, but this was easier! Rebecca has requested a rabbit for herself now so will put that in the mix. xcx

  3. Some beautiful work, Chrissie. Love the little bootees, such a pretty colour. The rabbit is so cute.

  4. The little rabbit is so cute. I've never knit toys before, I must give one a go, they always look so complicated though. I love the way you've jazzed up a plain item by sewing on a motif, it makes it really individual.

  5. Gosh, it looks like just an idyllic spot (though I know in reality everywhere has it's beauties and challenges!)... what is red rain? I love the lovely crochet and stitching you have found.... all these babies to plan for!

  6. Must admit the odd inconvenience of being up in the mountain is far outweighed by the beauty and tranquility of the place. The red rain is when the weather systems come up from Africa, collecting dust and sand and then it deposits it on us which leaves the red dust etc on everything, we suddenly get pink chairs and we have to attend to the pool asap otherwise it turns green! all the foliage ends up with a browny film too. Can't believe how time is ticking away and the babies will soon arrive. xcx