Friday, October 25, 2013

Still here.....

.....just haven't been in the mood to blog, or do much crafting come to that!
Hubby is having physio now and has been told to use it or lose it, he actually managed to hold a glass in his hand (empty) and lift it an inch off the table......progress

I had one of those phone calls that everyone dreads.....Hi, everything is ok BUT.........Poor DD has been in the wars again, she accelerated away from a roundabout, when the car in front suddenly breaked, she had safe stopping distance and breaked too, unfortunately the person behind didn't and rammed into the back of her.  Thank god no one was hurt and that she was in her boyfriend's car which had a very meaty bumper/boot, the other cars front was stoved in, also the police had a road block on the other carriageway so we already on the scene.  Something she just didn't need.

With hubby not being able to drive, I have signed up with the local supermarket for home delivery.  I used to use Tesco and Sainsburys in the UK, living in a remote hamlet in Devon it was ideal, it worked really well when we were busy with guests and unable to take the time out to shop. Anyway I thought I would give it a go here and I must say I have been really impressed.  Everything has arrived in good order, with long sell by dates and the fresh veg have been in excellent condition, the delivery man even carried the packs of water across the courtyard to the casita where I was storing them. The website has an english version and apart from the garlic which is normally bought in a net in the shop, so I ordered 1, yep, you guessed I got 1 garlic bulb for 22c, everything else has been spot on. 
As I am in the middle of a nasty flare up of the fibro, I have decided that the 7 euros delivery charge is so reasonable, probably cost as much in fuel going down the mountain, that I shall continue to order in this way and save myself wear and tear, time to be kind to me.

Today is DS's birthday, I really cannot believe he is 33.  He and his wife have travelled to London to see a show and stay overnight.  Apparently they get a coach ticket for 5 pounds each way, an absolutely brilliant deal from Devon to London. 

Weekend again, enjoy however you spend it
take care


  1. I think the delivery charge would be well worth spending to not have to go grocery shopping, especially when everything was as you would want (except the garlic lol - it will be a garlic free diet till next time.) Unfortunate for your DD with the accident but than goodness she wasnt hurt. xx

  2. definitely make up tiem for you somewhere there... glad to hear hubby's hand is improving even if slowly and so glad that DD is fine, though she would have got a horrible fright!