Thursday, October 3, 2013

Butterflies and pressies

Life remains challenging but then again it would probably be boring if it wasn't!?

Whilst hubby has been mainly sleeping during the day I decided to have a little play, I selected some pretty butterflies and asked hubby to resize and sharpen them, he does it in minutes in publisher and it would take me ages.
a little glitter
They are sitting in a little holder ideal for pressies, pattern from Lynette Anderson
adds a different dimension to a plant
 I will print out some more and plan to use them to decorate presents just to add a little something

The online yarn store I use recently had a 30% sale, so I selected different balls to make some more of these
another chrstmas pressie, would match the wrist warmers I made previously
Still on the christmas theme, a nice hanging decoration
sorry couldn't find a way to turn it round
 Then I moved on to some lavender sachets along with another couple of dish cloth/pot holders.
My mind wouldn't stretch to anything complicated so I feel pleased to have finished several albeit simple things
Finally, leave anything open, a drawer, box or in this case a guitar case and you will find a cat curled up in it

DD is visiting today, so I am looking forward to lots of catching up
take care 


  1. Some lovely things here, it time to be thinking of Christmas gifts already? Love the star and tassle.

  2. Hi Chrissie, you have made heaps of pretty things... good for your Hubz to sleep and heal .. and give you quiet time to sew!
    Hope you have/had a great day with DD...

  3. So many lovely things! The butterflies are pretty. You can't flip a photo once it's in Blogger, you have to make sure to do it before you upload it.