Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Good news

Yesterday was check up day for hubby, he was so tense with anticipation.  One of our friends kindly drove us over to Denia, we arrived 15 minutes early, hubby was called within 5 minutes and was checked over, dressings changed and replastered in 20 minutes. Wow never seen anything so fast, so we were home just after 2 hours from leaving, including the travelling time of 40 mins each way. Fingers crossed is happens each time we have to go.

The good news is that he only cut half way through the tendon so the surgeon was able to reconstruct it and says that he will be able to play again.  Hubby commented that his hand looked like something out of a frankenstein movie which the medical team thought was amusing.  They just said he should have seen the inside.......err no........
Three weeks of plaster casts then probably physio, the antibiotics are making him feel yukky, as they do and I think the trauma of it all is catching up with both of us. Amazing that a wek has passed already.  Hubby wears a magnetic wrist band and we realised that this was the only think that saved his wrist, the consequences doesn't bear thinking about.

Had the carpenter out to measure up for a complete revamp of the entrance doors, complete with safety glass!! something about horses bolting springs to mind........
take care


  1. That sounds a lot more positive for him, Chrissie. Hoping the travelling arrangements and hospital visits continue to be as fast - dont need the stresses of things not working out so well. And it is so good that he will be able to play again.

  2. so glad he is mending so well... try not to have nightmares about what could have happened! and I hope you both get a bit of relaxation...

  3. That must have been quite a 'phew' moment for hubby - and you too. So sorry it happened but glad to hear that things look good for a full recovery. I thought it was an excellent idea of DD's to buy something to keep the hand moving. Axxx

    1. Thanks Annie, he is just starting to wiggle the fingers, good sign, he has rigged up a harness to hold the transmitter so he can fly the models with one hand, priorities eh!!?? lol