Saturday, September 21, 2013


Amazing how fast an innocent pleasurable evening spent singing and hubby playing the guitar can turn into a nightmare. Sounds a bit dramatic, but let me tell you that is certainly what it was.

It was about 10.15pm and hubby stepped out into the inner courtyard for a breath of cool air, on his return his shoe caught in the grooves of the floor tiles and he went flying.... putting his left hand out to steady himself he went straight through the glass of the front door, unfortunately the inside shutter was not fixed, otherwise it would have saved him.  How he managed to retract his arm without further damage I shall never know, as it was things were beginning to look like a war zone.

After contacting 112 (emergency servcies) i ran down into the plaza to try to find any neighbours, no reply anywhere, eventually one came up, I must have given them a rude awakening, the ambulance had still not arrived (it took an hour) so we bundled into Beno's car and luckily met the ambulance half way down the mountain where we transferred.

Emergency bandaged hubby up and he was admitted by about 3.30am then it was a waiting game for the doctor, who eventually arrived about 10am, in the meantime however poor hubby had to endure the nursing staff removing the sodden bandages, pouring oxigenated water and iodine over everything, awful feeling helpless with only comfort to offer, a bit daja vous as with DD.  

He was taken to the operating theatre at 12, about time, as the bandages were sodden again, he didn't return till 2.30pm, the operation had taken over 2 hours with the doctor exclaiming  'mucho, mucho, mucho sutures'  The artery, nerves, tendons were all repaired completely encased with bandages and then a plaster cast was applied, making sure there was no movement.

Hubby's home now, rather wobbly and certainly not looking forward to what comes next.  Going to be rather a long time before he will be playing again, just hope he doesn't get too frustrated coping with one arm.  DD has been brilliant in running me/us around, and unless I can get my head around driving again, which I haven't done for years with the fibro, she has offered to do 'taxi' services whenever. 

Due to our health care plan we are visiting totally different hospital/clinics, adds to the fun of trying to find our way around.  If it's not one thing it seems to be another.  Don't want to play this game anymore.....:-(
take care


  1. Oh Chrissie, what a worrying time for you guys. Hoping the arm heals quickly and well and that he can go back to his playing quicker than expected. So pleased you have DD to help with taxiing etc.
    You all take care.
    Hugs xx

  2. Hello Chrissie
    Jeez!! That is awful what a terribly frightening time.
    If you need to do anything hospital/doctor/documents wise in Alicante City and you need help let me know.

    Outpatients is the limit here they make you wait for hours and hours!

    Amanda :-)

    1. Thank you Amanda for your kind offer, we are under Denia San Carlos hospital at the moment, but it is comforting to know we could ask you for help if we are transferred, the only place we really know in Alicante is the airport.

  3. This sounds like the worst of bad dreams...a real nightmare. I do hope things are progressing well now. Best wishes to you both for a speedy recovery and good coping strategies.

    1. Many thanks Janice, really glad they put the plaster cast on for him, otherwise it would be easy to automatically use the left arm and cause more problems. Just have to think outside the box to do normal things.

  4. Oh no, Chrissie - that is truly an awful thing to have happened. Such simple, innocent trip causing so much damage. I'm so very sorry and do hope that time will heal all your hubby's nerves and arteries - he may need to do a lot of practice to get back to standard again. In the meantime, as Janice says, hope you develop some good coping strategies.

    1. Hi Annie, the old saying you never know what's round the corner is so true. Adjusting time scales as things are taking so much longer, but it could have been worse so he was lucky. DD bought him a squish ball for when he is out of plaster etc and allowed to exercise but as you say a lot of practice will be needed.

  5. Oh no Chrissie! I'm so behind in my blog readign that I didn't know about this. Is he OK? So sorry I didn't comment earlier.