Monday, September 2, 2013

Little knits

Last week the storms came, not too bad really and at least the garden is happy and everything got a wash, power only tripped but no outage. Even had to find a cardi!  Back to 27C and sunny again.

Friday saw DD and I making the trip to Denia hospital where it was the beginning of the 3 monthly checks, except its now 4 months but hey it was August....... we were very surprised to see the Doctor that we saw every week in Valencia, he in turn was so pleased to see the progress DD has made since he last saw her, DD found it comforting that there was continuity as he had even been on the team for the ICU scare... he is also a bit of a dish!!!!! we have PET scans in Benidorm, vascular consults then back for final reports in October, it's the waiting that winds us up.

Knitted a couple more pairs of wrist warmers, one was using cable...... getting adventurous.

Little bunny was a bit cold in just his jacket, so he is now sporting a nice pair of dungarees
But then again he might be a she, being a tom boy, so for a party girl she must have a dress
ends to sew in and buttons on the straps

Saw this through the landing window yesterday morning, the sun was a huge red circle throwing pink hues across the valley.

Photo doesn't quite do it justice.

Off to play with cable bracelets and kitchener stitch............
take care


  1. Fingers crossed for good news with the check ups.
    Bunny is well -dressed (cross?) little creature - lots of work and fine stitching.
    It's a beautiful sunrise you've captured...being an owl sort I don't always get to see it on its way up...Axxx

  2. I can imagine the waiting on results is dreary... all the best to all of you... great knits.... bunny is getting a lovely wardrobe and what a lovely sunset picture framed by the cast iron.... just lovely...

  3. Nothing worse than waiting for results....hope all is well.

    1. Thanks Janice, this is the bit we all love to hate! but I'm sure it will be fine.

  4. Hoping after the tests and then waiting that DD hears good news at the end of it. Will be thinking of you all with so much going on for you just now. Gorgeous sunrise photo.