Monday, August 26, 2013

Mixed bag

Our internet is still pretending to be a yo yo, so we are having to be patient??!!...........
We really enjoy the cold Spanish soup gazpacho, very refreshing and ideal during the hot days when you really don't want anything to eat, so hubby decided to have a play
He took the basic ingredients, plus olive oil etc, a few tweaks and produced this
It was lovely, but it changes each time he makes it, now he is blending twice and sieving it to give a nice smooth texture, such a good way of using the plentiful veg around at the moment

Our vine has loads of white grapes on it this year, just need a little rain to help them swell, then it will be a race to beat the wasps......
half of the vine

 These are the first pickings of the almonds, we have a young tree in the driveway so they were easy to pick rather than putting the nets down and bashing the nuts, even though some of them were small, the kernals were quite large, plump and on sampling yummy.  We have around 16 almond trees, wonder what the yield will be this year
 Some more refurbishments - the watering can was in a sorry state with it's spout broken , after a quick solder and a lick of paint, good as new, the  little wheelbarrows came up nice too

Puff (the dragon) with his buzy lizzies   
Needed a little over the shoulder bag for just those few essentials, really wanted this for the fiesta but guess I was a little late lol, came up quite nice using bamboo and cotton yarn

Saw this cute little rabbit pattern complete with its own wardrboe of clothes, just had to have a play to see how it came out
pattern from
Isn't it cute, dungrees, a little dress and hat as well.
We are expecting storms for the next few days so time perhaps to play further.
Of to batten down the hatches
take care



  1. Oooh that gazpacio looks yum .... I like the little bag you made and a very cute rabbit with it's own little wardrobe!

  2. Such a lovely colourful bag, and your rabbit is gorgeous.
    The almonds sound yummy.

  3. Busy, busy! We're eating gazpacho most days - always a different colour and texture depending on what we have most of. Cherry tomatoes leave it a miserable colour and full of 'roughage'...but unfortunately we have heaps and heaps of the little blighters and have to use them up.
    We're eating our grapes already and they're small but lovely and sweet.
    Love the little bag! And we too are expecting storms...time for indoor crafts.

  4. Nice bunny and bag, but I barely noticed...the soup photo has me drooling!!!LOL! Did you grow all the ingredients yourself? It is spring at my house and I have 11 tomato plants, 10 with flowers so far. YUM. xx debbie