Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 Been busy refurbishing - removed and painted all the door furniture, bolts etc including the gates to the courtyard, the fierce sun soon discolours them, now they are all bright and shiny again. Gloss painted the interior sides of the front doors and their shutters and hubby did the outside of them, so much nicer again.  You can only do these jobs in the morning as it's so hot that the paint dries on the brush

Whilst I had the painting bug I revamped these sorry looking wooden flower decorations
after, ready to use

 I found this lamp lurking in a sorry state

parafin lamp
 A couple of coats later

like new

 Amber is a funny little cat, she really doesn't like to be touched very much and certainly hates being picked up, and yet she always wants to be near to where ever we are, she decided to take comfort by cuddling a ball of merino wool

 Decided to check out Ravelry and look for some wrist warmers - found several nice patterns and chose some bamboo yarn. unfortunately the yarn hasn't much 'give' but in fact will be ideal for DIL as she has very small hands.

One for the pressie box
These will be good for the christmas stockings, DD suggested I was being very organised, but as we all know the time flies and crafting pressies isn't always the quickest option, but certainly a satisfying one.

I found another pattern using a cable stitch which I thought would be good for DS, but not being a very experienced knitter, came across a slight problem (for me) so I emailed the designer with my query and she responded by return including a chart for definition, offering further help if needed - how lovely, crafters are such nice people.

It's about 32C + at the moment, I think I can hear the pool calling.............
take care


  1. what a difference a coat of paint makes.... lovely fingerless gloves... I agree about crafters.. they always seem so ready to help and share...

    1. I have a few more things to paint like inside doors, not very interesting but as you say certainly brightens things up. The gloves were very quick to knit, trying the same pattern again this time with merino.

  2. It feels good when things are freshened up even as simply as giving a coat of paint. Lovely wrist warmers - looks a nice pattern.

    1. Yes, bright, fresh and as good as new. A nice quick project, some more colours I think.