Friday, August 9, 2013


Still plagued with internet connection problems - getting really annoying now,we have just had a call from the company who have at long last admitted they have changed the signals and we are now on the very edge for receiving!!!! it's taken months for them to say this whilst all the time taking monthly payments without giving a service, even harder seems the only way out is to change to satallite which is both restrictive and costly.......

Unbelievably it is now a week since our fiesta, we were festers this year, so it was our job to make sure all the tables and chairs were out and covered, preparing the table dishes, mainly olives, peppers, silver onion, and tomato mix, plates of monkey nuts, special beans (which I can't remember the name of) and of course sandia (water melon). Then of course all the clearing up after everyone had gone.

Friday followed the usual format, everyone brings their picnic and the hub bub of noise in the plaza grows, after the tables have been cleared away it's time for the music.  This year hubby had agreed to set up his gear and do a gig too, unfortunately there seemed to be a little local politics going on, with the usual guy refusing to take his break so hubby could play, so he didn't get on until 1.30am.  However he was well received and everyone enjoyed his music and it's paved the way for a long spot next year as well as the local mountain restaurants all suggesting he goes to play for them.
Quieter Friday night
 Saturday was much busier and the plaza soon filled with people
Setting up Saturday, taken from our balcony which is actually  our ground floor

the plaza was packed, dancing after dinner 
 The music continued until 3am.  
Sunday morning was the church service and parade of Santa Barbara followed by the races for the cockrells and all the children's races.  The refreshments were a lovely lemon ice slush, great in the heat of the day and cake, next years festers received their slab of cake adorned with a carnation.
Early evening saw a return this year of the traditional dancers, whirling and twirling
traditional dancers 
The plaza filled a little more for the dinner and then it was time for more music and dancing.  Luckily the music stopped around 1am, it had been a very long weekend with very little sleep and I have to admit that it has taken nearly all week to get back to normal again.
We will have further duties in December when they have another church service, but then our year will be over and next years take over, the fund raising begins in December so its quite involved.
have a great weekend what ever you are doing, take care


  1. Reminiscent of the fiestas here too - looks super! Our internet is playing up too - and almost all the people I know are struggling with their mobiles.
    Am thinking hard how to write more without using the letter that comes after 'u' and before 'w' as it's not working on my keyboard for some reason! It's difficult!
    Hope all is soon OK again.

    1. It's facinating how each town tweak the fiestas making it there own, Moors and Christians are being held round and about now in certain places. Oh dear how frustrating about your keyboard, my grandma used to say, 'these things are sent to try us'... too true!

  2. Such a frustration when the internet is not working as it should be for what you pay for the service. Hope something gets worked out for you soon. Loved hearing about the fiesta but you must have been exhausted by the end. Such colourful pics too.

    1. Just getting enough signal to nip on and reply. You are right we were quite exhausted, glad it only runs for the weekend and not for 2 weeks as in some towns. In Gata de Gorgos, DD has just had two full weeks of music, fireworks, bangers and partying, wears a little thin after a while lol

  3. such an amazing time of the year for you... must be such a lot of fun.... technology can be frustrating... hope they sort out your connection soon!