Sunday, July 28, 2013


How frustrating - we have been having problems with our internet connection for a while now, but this last week it has been so intermittent that it has been driving us mad.  So slow it times out or just disappears losing all data.  After complaining, yet again, a very helpful chap rang saying he had 'tweaked' the signals, obviously not enough as it hasn't been much better, couldn't even write a simple comment on my blog this morning without it spluttering.  So apologies for not replying to your lovely comments, lets hope he can tweak it a bit more.

Not much on the crafting front either, Friday was completely wiped out with a stinker of  a migraine that lasted into Saturday too. Flashing lights, sight disturbances, couldn't even stand the light, anyway, bit better now, somehow they always wipe you out for days.    

 Hubby took this photo of the whirling flower windmills, he has been busy making more too so looks like I shall have to get the paints out again

whirling windmills

Last weekend we were helping to clear the ermita (plaza) and to clean the church, old school house and general area ready for the fiesta this coming weekend.  This week the council will deliver the portable bar and then Friday we shall be helping set everything up.  Have to try to store up some sleep as we certainly will be getting very little next weekend.

Oh dear now its changed the font and won't let me change it..........think I will leave the computers alone for a bit.......just have to sit here ready to pounce when the signal comes again.
take care


  1. it is so annoying when technology does it's own thing... wonderful when it works our way though! sorry about the migraine. they can leave you feeling washed out...
    love the twirly flowers... got to make you happy to watch those...

  2. Oh dear - two of the most dreaded problems - no internet and a migraine, though possibly not quite as bad if they're both at the same time..?
    Hope you're much better now - love those whirling flowers.