Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fairies and dragonflies

I have wanted to add interest to the garden for ages now, odd quirky things that were different.  Well hubby made me a flower and a windmill with a promise of more to come, but whilst in the UK I found this......
Fairies in the garden

I hung a crystal from the bottom which throws beautiful colours when the sun catches it, also I found one with dragonflies which I hung in the almond tree and proved extremely difficult to capture in a photo.


For the last couple of nights we have been in the pool around midnight - its 29C and like a bath, especially as there wasn't any breeze, so nice to just relax and cool off.
A friend said it looked like an exclusive spa      
Looking into the Naya 

.I decided to make another shop to go into the Victorian Street, good for a change round and added interest.  I chose a haberdashery and have been busy making the various items associated with it - it is rather time consuming but fun, especially trying to think of ways to produce authentic 1/12th scale notions
Cotton reels, knitting basket and a selection of wool in hand made baskets
 What is a girl to do when its so hot and you can't unzip your coat?
This is Lucy, one of our eldest furries squeezing herself into a basket meant for kittens 

I am also quite chuffed.... do you remember this.......
advocado stone - 21.5.13
 well this is how it looks now.......
now 2 months old
 I bought some root ginger which had fresh looking nodules on, so me being me, I sliced the root rather like you would a chitted potato and this is the result....
apparently the foliage is rather unimpressive which doesn't really matter as what matters is what is going on underneath..............

Oh well had better get on with some more minis, bolts of fabric, sewing patterns...............

Have a great weekend, take care.


  1. Wonderful creativity going on here albeit on a miniature scale - I'm most impressed with your avocado tree. Oh, and what a pool! I'm pretty envious I can tell you as we haven't got one (YET) and won't have one (FOR A WHILE) but one day... we will. I hope it will be as lovely as yours.

  2. love your new dangles... they are such fun... and glad you are enjoying the pool - I have heard it is unusually hot.... I do love your miniatures... and you have green thumbs too!!

  3. Your lit up pool looks wonderful...and has me planning all sorts of ways of lighting up ours in a similar way . ( We've been in France for 18 months, and have yet to locate the switch that may or may not illuminate the light in the pool itself ! ).
    I am also very impressed with the avocado....did you dry the stone out first or plant it as it came out of the fruit ? J.

    1. Made me smile about the switch, we have a couple of things like that here and we've been here 6 years lol.
      I only washed the residue off the avocado, put in the cocktail sticks then placed it in the glass of water. I only planted it once the root was about 5 inches and the top had begun to sprout.