Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flower power

Took a break from the mini's as hubby kept his promise and made me some more flowers, so I spent yesterday afternoon painting them.  They really whizz round in the breeze we have at the moment..  I also refurbished some other garden ornaments that had become faded in the sun.

no watering necessary!
Some more painting today, 
did take a before photo, but its still drying so will have to wait to take the after
another flower has been made so off to paint it
take care


  1. those are such fun...I love having things like that to look at...

  2. They look great! My sunflowers are just about to open now but I'd love a row of these in my poor dry 'flower' bed! Axxx

  3. WWW
    e are really struggling with our internet connections, or lack of it, so apologies for not replying or even posting, hope it will be sorted soon