Thursday, July 11, 2013

Next chapter

Did they like the box Fiona just asked me, I'm pleased to say yes to that, they loved it, I gave it to them after the wedding breakfast and it was soon put to good use as little momentoes were collected and added to it, then during the week I saw DIL looking through it all and I was pleased that I made it the size I had.

DD and I said goodbye to our menfolk on the Monday as they were travelling back whilst we stayed on.  A little retail therapy - why they call it therapy I don't know, it's not something I enjoy very much and it was just as frustrating as in Spain with sizes and styles - although I did find a nice winter coat 1/2 price, waterproof and with a removeable lining, and I did surcome to the lure of W H Smith's and was amazed at the array of craft magazines, certainly many more than when I left the UK, and do you know, somehow a few of them managed to squeeze in my bag........
hmmm - well it was a big bag!
 I did take a litle project along with me, just in case there was any time?? and found it just right for a little time alone, reflecting
just have to finish it now 

We went to different restaurants, mainly Thai style, and the week just disappeared, another BBQ on the Friday then our flight home on the Sunday evening.  We did have to buy extra baggage weight - we had collected lots of different food items that are impossible to get here, pressies for the future, along with some nice garden items, oh and a few clothes as you do..........

SIL had asked me at the wedding about making some mice that she could fill with cat nip, so I took some quiet time and knitted these little chaps
We had another wedding to attend the next weekend, so as DD was again a bridesmaid, she was thrown into all the preparations and rehersals, but it was a beautiful day and a very different style of wedding, with hand tying and the bride and groom responding to their own vows read by the bridesmaids. The party went on all weekend.
Phew busy busy......


  1. I hope I haven't duplicated... my comment disappeared.... I was certain they would love the box... it was a great idea and made so beautifully and full of love.... I do like those little mice you have made... I also don't understand the therapy side of shopping... but it is nice to bring home some treats..

  2. I agree with Fiona - the box was so lovingly made and so beautiful that it would be so loved and appreciated. Lovely little mice too. It would have been a lovely time with your DD doing some shopping and having a little down time after your busy time before the wedding. It is nice to arrive home again after being away isnt it.

  3. Been having a 'catch up' read - for some reason, your blog wasn't showing in my blogroll so I've missed LOADS of news! Glad to see all went off so well at the wedding. Everyone looks great and so very happy. I am amazed at the range of your talents, Chrissy...not just singing but making catnip mice!
    You're safely on my sidebar now, so I'll be keeping up with events.