Monday, July 8, 2013

Where do I begin....... tell the story of where I have been........
To start, I was chuffed to have successfully flown on my own for the first time, the special assistance staff at Alicante airport were first class, whizzed me round the departure lounge, waited ready for boarding and whizzed me on first, I arrived at Exeter UK half past midnight to....... wait for it..... yes Rain!
An emotional greeting awaited as both DS and future DIL were there, this was the first time I had actually met with DIL,
The first week zoomed by, mainly trying to organise their belongings as they had just moved and more guests were expected to stay, collecting the music gear, a million other things, also 3 birthdays during the week and a BBQ on the Friday introduced us to our new family from the Philippines and US and thankfully the air strike over France had ended so hubby caught his flight too.

Somehow the morning of the wedding just disappeared, last minute panic chasing parcels for DS's top hat, no time for the planned 'hairup', it was squeaky but we made it.......

DD and DS

With my two favourite men 

My beautiful daughter

Party fun
Happy couple

 The best man's speech was supurb - we had scanned in various boyhood photos, yes even that one.....(the one on the rug) but he did cover his dignity with a large star.......and Simon had created a brilliantly funny This is your life which had every one in fits of laughter.

Hubby was the entertainment for most of the evening - and as most of the guests didn't really know it was his profession, they were quite blown away with the show.  During the breakfast I had been approached by the coordinator telling me I was in line to give a speech.......quite out of the blue, no prep, I declined which was a good thing as the father of the bride spoke for about an hour...!!!! but I also had a little surprise for them.......

Back in 1975, hubby and I used to sing together, so we had been practicing very hard to be able to do a special song for the for the first time in ???? years (actually 38!) we sang together again
Laby Siffre It must be Love, and This is your song, they went down very well with calls for encore, DS was very surprised and pleased, as were a few others, especially as I don't normally try to stand out.... dont think I will give up the day job lol
2013 / 1975
An excellent day, meeting old friends, forging new friendships, catching up with family and of course a new beginning for the happy couple......I believe they are wishing to replicate the whole thing in the Philippines next year......a challenge..................


  1. What a fabulous do!!! So very glad for you that everything went well. You look great in that beautiful dress :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. How beautiful - you all look gorgeous. Sounds like a wonderful if busy time. Love your last photo, and what a thrill it must have been for your son and his bride to have you both sing for them.

  3. aarggh... I think my comment disappeared.... .YOu all look fantastic and well done with making the flight on your own! quite an adventure.... Loved the pictures and the story... fantastic wedding to remember....

  4. sounds like a wonderful day. The bride is stunning and you look gorgeous!