Sunday, July 14, 2013

All balmy

Hot days, pool has reached 29C, my kind of temperature! just right for some gentle excercise, followed by beautifully warm balmy evenings, nice for a BBQ.  We light it in our enclosed courtyard which is tiled and bricked just in case a little spark escapes on to the campo, as our Riu Rau (summer kitchen) doesn't have running water or a sink, it's also far easier to stay closer to the house, especially for just the two of us. 
Hubby uses almond wood as well as charcoal, lovely flavour 

 Another evening I made my version of paella - certainly not authentic but we like it this way.
Hiding the slightly 'burnt' bottom which everyone seems to go for
 I have wanted some interesting features in the garden and asked hubby to make some flowers, (pic next time|) and he also decided to make this windmill.  He used to make and refurbish full size ones when he was in NZ usually from metal though.  He is going to make another with a different support.
Just needs painting
On the craft front, I have a couple of finishes for the pressie box - another cowl and dish/wash cloth.  I have also embarked on a miniature project and have been making the components, but being out of context they don't really mean much as yet.........
take care


  1. ooh.. those meals looks lovely ....

  2. Yummy meals. The windmill looks so good. I am about ready for summer to come now. We have had too many overcast dull days and need some sunshine.

  3. looks lovely....and yes 29 degrees is perfect pool temp ! J.