Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pretties and a finish

The last of the almond blossom has come out, giving a pink hue wherever you look, very pretty and very noisy with the bees enjoying themselves. The sound was likened to the noise of the world cup with those trumpet things being blown, but hey think of the honey! This is the pretty bit, next week DH will be moaning about how much blossom he is fishing out of the pond......the picture is taken of the Naya, where we spend most of our days, weather permitting, as it is a sun trap and the light is brilliant for crafts, but you can see why the blossom blows into the pool in front.

Its official................after many months (DH calculates 18) but only in sessions with big breaks cos of ???? its Finished!!!!!!! roll of drums, fan fares and anything else you can think of, but the miniature garden is done, (ok, as it is to be in front of the miniature house, it still needs taking off the frame and presenting, but hey, thats the easy bit right??!!)

The garden has its own fence, which will be stained, and the cutouts are where the front step of the house will go

All the stone paths and rockery stones were made from material, either stretched over card or made into little puffs for stones. I also found some semi precious tumbled stones to add to the rockery. French knots came into their own, a wonderful stitch to build upon, I also learnt tufting, which I'm sure could also be classed as turkey stitch. Needle weaving played quite a part too, producing tufts of plants like ferns.

I even had the chance to play with my embelisher, where I used muslin as the base and added merino wool tops to create the 'lawn'

I can't lay claim to the little bird house as DH made that, along with the fence, but this project evolved, I had no clear plan, started in the middle and worked out, but it was great fun, quite challenging and I'm pleased it is now finished. Our next problem is trying to stop our furry friends from investigating and plucking things out to spirit away. Also DH has reminded me that this is only one side of the house, there is the other side to do as well........................


  1. Oh my gosh that is amazing... I had to enlarge each picture and examine it all.. I can't get over your patience to make this... WOW....

  2. Huge Congratulations! This is the most amazing piece and it looks fabulous (and even more fabulous in real life!) STUNNING! WOW!!!

  3. WOW !!!!! Truly amazing !!! You have done a brilliant job with the garden.