Sunday, November 24, 2013

Playing catch up

Since my last post, (yes I know it was ages ago) we have gone from cold, back to 27C and now back to cold with a vengence. Log fire is lit every morning and the fleeces have appeared, even the furries have changed their habits, being more inclined to be in with us rather than outside.  Last night we even had all 8 of them joining us, most unusual.  They tend to want to bag the best position, their favourite chair or in front of the fire, they might have a little scrap at times, but mostly they get on very well, and we don't take on board the glares when we turf them off our sofa.

The fibro flare up well and truly kicked me, probably not surprising given the recent events so i haven't got alot to show.  I did make a special pair of wrist/hand warmers for hubby as his hand, although gradually improving, was suffering greatly with heat loss, I also made some little thumb warmers just to keep that warm too. I think the physio was quite amused.
I also made another star decoration
oh dear side ways again 

I have had this nifty little gadget for making tassels for years now, called a tassellette, it comes in 3 different sizes and takes the pain out of making tassels 
made from sturdy plastic it is so easy to control the fibres, ends and finishing touches

Amanda asked for help and support for the spanish strays  couldn't ignore that so I put together a small parcel of goodies that I hope will help towards raising funds at the craft fair being organised.  As I havent posted for while this is a bit old news, (sorry) anyway a good cause and the parcel has been sent
a little selection for our furry friends 
I made an executive decision to continue using the home deliery service from Mercadona, acknowledging that I was being kind to myself under difficult circumstances and, having a Loreal moment (I'm worth it). will continue to do so for the foreseeable, why not indeed?  I did ring head office and complimented the very first delivery man and hoped they would pass it on, so often people don't.  Well we saw him again this week and he was so chuffed, apparently head office had sent an email to local branch with the message, he said they get complaints but never compliments. Isn't that sad not to acknowledge when someone goes that extra mile.

Right got some WIP's to sort out and dinner to cook, it's all go..........
take care


  1. Hi Chrissie, lovely to read you again... sorry about the fibro but yes, you have had a lot on your plate so I gues it is not surprising... glad you have gone the home delivery (Loreal lady!!) .... so nice of you to let head office know you were pleased.... makes such a difference to the guy I'm sure...
    Take care, keep healing.... Hugz

  2. I agree with Fiona, Chrissie. You have had plenty to deal with so not surprising at all that the fibro has shown up so fiercely. Continuing to be a Loreal lady sounds like a good decision. I like your little tassel maker. That would make it so much easier, and the star looks pretty.

  3. I always try to let companies know when I've received some good customer service, the times I do are so few and far between these days that it's definitely worth acknowledging. I'm glad the company let the driver know, I bet that made his day. I love your star decoration and the tassel gadget is a brilliant idea, I never knew there was such a thing. Sorry to hear about the fibro flare up, I hope you're feeling a bit better now.

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