Sunday, May 11, 2014

so far so good

Firstly to say hi and welcome to my two new followers, thanks for dropping by:-)

Well we have been here for a week now, its sooo cold! And I do have to admit that the novelty of the strange stuff dripping from the sky is now wearing a little thin - it was 29c at home yesterday. Still its not about the weather.
Daniel and Shine loved all the baby presents - hand mades as well as bought ones.  We have different styles at home which they hadn't seen so that was nice.

Rebecca and I have had little trips out for shopping, although to date its been a bit disappointing so we shall just have to we did lunch in Herbies, a wonderful vegeterian/vegan cafe, wonderful food and safe for us with our allergies. No piccies as they are on Rebecca's phone

We have also visited Chuckles - a cobbler. We both wanted a pair of sandals, he is just great, listens to the style you want, does a design, measures and examines each foot, jotting down anything to make the shoe more comfortable and because of lack of time on our part is doing an express service for us. Brilliant. OK the cost is higher but to have comfortable properly fitting shoes will be a delight.

I indulged in ordering from Deramores for some more yarn and had the fun of receiving my parcel the next day instead of overseas shipping.  I have started a new ripple blanket, larger this time for the cot as the car seat version was well received, its a variegated mix and so far its coming out quite well.

Sorry no pics, I havent worked out how to do it off my tablet yet.
Anyway hope you are all enjoying what's left of the weekend.
Take care xx


  1. It sounds like you've been busy since you've been here. Sorry that the weather isn't cooperating, I'm a bit fed up of all the wet stuff myself.

  2. I'm glad that you are having a great time, even if there is wet stuff falling on you! I hope that it warms and dries up a little before you head back home again. Happy holiday!! xx