Friday, February 17, 2017

Hello again

Here we are again!
I left you last time with photos of our newbie, well I thought you might like to see him now
Dino, aka Baby monster

Shall I sing while you work?

He is six months now, still crazy and into everything.  He follows Chris around like a puppy and cries pitifully if he is excluded. As he was so small when he arrived, he loved to nestle upon our chests and snuggle to keep warm, he still does this, cuddling up under the chin, only thing now he is so much bigger it gets a little more difficult to accommodate him lol, but at least he has grown into his ears

I am trying an experiment in regrowing certain veggies, starting off with lettuce and celery
its working!
I have received my order of various herbs from the UK, there are about 6 different Basil´s alone, so I shall have to start organising and sowing them
I have made little cloches from water bottles for protection, just need a little more warmth now

 We have been having some very odd weather conditions here this winter, flooding, cold, damp, very windy and even large snow falls, we have only managed a few afternoons in the sun in our naya not like the usual nearly every day. As we don´t have central heating, it´s getting a bit much now! even our Spanish neighbours are complaining.

I have been mainly knitting, especially fingerless gloves, our Spanish neighbours loved them and asked for 6 pairs, must have made a dozen or more. Chris wanted a beanie to wear when he goes skiing again, a lacy waistcoat just needing the collar doing and a nice jumper. Shine also asked me to make a special hat/cowl for Leocia which is in the shape of a fox. Being so cold outside, it makes a nice craft to sit in the lounge with the log burner. 
Piccies to come.

Another weekend here already, have fun what ever you are doing
take care


  1. Lovely to see you blogging again. Love the photos of Dino, especially the one of him peeping through the sewing machine, I was going to say that he looks more in proportion now but grown in to his ears is a better way of putting it. Looking forward to seeing the piccies to come, it sounds like you've been busy.

    1. Hi Jo, thanks for dropping by, Dino gets into everything, he has a very long tail too which he loves swishing around and he is like grease lightening. Piccies are on the camera somewhere! just have to find them.

  2. Good to read you again.... odd weather there and extended heatwaves here... Dino looks a real character and it sound like you are very busy on the crafting side...

    1. Thanks Fiona, seems every where is having strange weather. Have been busy, just need photos now lol