Friday, December 3, 2010


Ooh its cold! . DH only just squeezed out of the UK and was on one of the last planes to leave the snow bound country. MIL thinks its positively warm compared to her minus temperatures. Amazing how quickly you become aclimatized to the warmer weather here.

DD presented me with these beautiful flowers just before her hospital trip, the scent was heavenly and even after the lillies wilted the remaining flowers are still going strong. In fact I have my eye on the tiny flowers as these will look great in my 1/12th scale miniature garden.

I finished my waistcoat

and this beanie which was primarily if we go skiing this year, but I think with this cold snap it may be coming into use earlier.

Lots of people have mentioned they have already put up their christmas decs, haven't even rescued ours from the loft yet, perhaps a little job for hubbie today?!
Happy stitching x


  1. Lovely makes... and georgeous flowers.... my grandies in the UK are happy as they are missing school lots!!! I have had some lovely snow pictures...
    My decorations are still in boxes too.....