Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time disappearing

Another week has disappeared - having started in June with Judith's christmas crafting I thought I would be more organised??! never mind, the decorations are out of the loft and some have been put up, more to go. We won't bring the christmas tree in until next weekend, just before DH's birthday, then with DS here it will be fun to dress it together. We bought a rooted tree last year and it has survived, but we don't want to stress it too much.

MIL enjoyed her stay and DH escorted her back to the uk last flight on Friday night and returned on the first flight Saturday morning - good job Gatwick has an all night lounge.
Not much crafting going on but I did finish the borders of this cushion for SIL birthday so MIL could take it back with her. SIL chickens are a little tempremental so it was quite topical.

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