Monday, March 7, 2011

A prize and new arrival

when we went to town to our post box the tell tale little parcel card was in there, after collecting the parcel, this is what was revealed, these lovely cross stitch and Hardanger books from Liz over at Broderie. I won these back in November but Liz and I agreed that the postage was extortionate for air mail and settled for surface, Liz commented on hoping it was not a slow boat to Spain, well I think it may have gone around the houses for a bit first, enjoying a cruise, but any way what a lovely gift, I shall enjoy doing some of the patterns, thank you so much.

We also had some very good news that our immediate relies were safe and sound in Christchurch, but had a very long tense wait to hear from DH's best friend who in the end managed to briefly contact us saying he was safe, although shaken and with no imenitites and a damaged house was living away. DH, having lived there for 13 years was really upset for the loss of everything and has been avidily following the NZ news and aftershock sites. Our thoughts go out to all.

We are now introducing Fred. Fred is a newcomer to the village, he is a beefy blacksmith trying out his anvil for size before getting to work. As he has just moved in everything is quite clean and tidy, but this won't last for long once he gets the furnace going.

Fred is just awaiting delivery of his protective apron and has to arrange his working tools on the wall before he can accept any commissions.

It is quite amazing how each character takes its own way no matter how you try to make them conform, the anvil is carved from balsa wood and then finished with metallics, the bricks are clay and tools fimo.
Happy crafting.....


  1. it was a very long time, i hope worth the wait and that you enjoy doing something from the books, for little books they have alot in them so hope you find something that really inspires you. last tuesday afternoon i posted a pattern to someone in england and received an email from them on saturday to say they had received it!!! that was very fast, airmail of course, but only about aud$6 to post. enjoy and i love all your little miniatures!

  2. Oh my.... I do love a tradie! and Fred is no exception.... so great...
    Glad your books arrived fine... postage is crazy....