Saturday, March 19, 2011


Very little stitching going on, the weather has turned a little warmer so have been outside gardening, tidying, pruning, altering beds, must be time for some seed sowing. We are going to try something different this year by growing more veggies and salad in the courtyard where we can keep a better eye on them for watering purposes, thats as long as our furry friends dont decide its a new playground and dig everything up.

We went to our miniatures club this week where we were discussing the exhibition, as DH has more or less completed the smithy, he volenteered to make a bakery for the village.

Fred has been busy in his smithy, he has arranged his tools on the walls and built himself a work bench where he fixed his vice, he lit a good fire so he could start his first commission.

Fred even managed to get his bellows in position, these a fully working bellows and is one of the first things everyone tries when they see the scene.

Another nice morning..... more gardening?......

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